Growing Friendship

Alex Hara is a Japanese-born businessman living in Dayton, Ohio. When a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami shook his homeland in 2011, he watched the devastation on television helplessly from thousands of miles away. Though saddened by the events, he was inspired by the rapid response of the American military and the willingness of the American people to donate their money, products, and time to people half a world away.

This was the birth of Operation 2000 Cherry Trees.

Operation 2000 Cherry Trees is an organization dedicated to raising funds to purchase and plant cherry trees in and around Dayton, Ohio. It gives Japanese and Japanese-American people the opportunity to show their appreciation, while at the same time, planting a seed for friendship that will endure for generations.

Each $300 donation covers the expense of the tree, its installation, and maintenance. Trees will be planted at Dayton’s Carillon Historical Park and parks within six different communities bordering the City of Dayton. In addition, plans are also underway for a significant planting at the proposed Wright Brothers Monument at the intersection of Interstates 70 and 75.

All donations will be accepted by the Dayton Foundation, a regional community foundation that manages donors’ charitable funds, advances charitable giving,and provides leadership to local non-profit organizations. The foundation will disburse the funds only to not-for-profit organizations or municipal governments.

The disbursements will be made based on the recommendation of the Operation 2000 Cherry Trees committee. This committee will decide which communities or non-profit organizations will receive the trees and how many will be allotted.

In addition, a future memorial monument may be erected, although the site of that monument has not yet been determined.

As with any charitable donation, we urge you to give wisely. If you have any question about your donation, please contact us directly or visit our page of frequently asked questions.

To see the locations where we have already planted trees, click the image below.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 4.21.02 PM